Sleep Matters

     Sleep is integral to the health of parents, and their new baby. But its often one of the biggest hurdles to tackle in parenthood.


  • Physically -our bodies release hormones and regenerate cell growth that help us battle disease and illness, grow and heal, as well as just feel more rested by the time we wake so that we have the energy to keep up with whatever the day brings our way.


  • Emotionally- sleep benefits our ability to reason, make decisions and problem-solve. It lessens the likelihood of temper tantrums in young ones, lengthens their attention span and helps them remember what they’ve learned.


  • Socially- sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on the most valuable relationships in our life. Whether it's you marriage that is suffering, your friendships or even your relationship with your baby. 


  • Sleep affects each and everyone of us in a big way. Making the decision to prioritize sleep needs in your families home is in no way a selfish decision, it's a healthy one! If you need help to make this a reality in your home please get in touch! I would love to help your family get a good nights sleep.

  • Keep scrolling to email me directly! We can set up a time to chat about your specific situation and to ensure that we make a plan you are comfortable with!

Sleep promotes growth

Mother Nature seems to have protected babies by making sure they spend about 50 percent of their time in this deep sleep, considered to be essential for adequate growth

About Cory

"I'm a mom of two, and I've been where you are!"


It was not all that long ago I found myself in a very similar position to the one you probably find yourself in today. It involved a lot of crying-from both the baby and myself if I'm honest. There was also very little sleep for the whole family. Once my husband and I made the decision to sleep coach our daughter I couldn't believe the shift in our entire family dynamic. I quickly realized that this feeling of triumph and renewal was one that every new parent should get to experience. I was stuck in a sleepless rut and the Sleep Sense program helped pull me out of it. Now, I want to help parents that are struggling like I did! I want everyone to know that getting the sleep they need is not selfish, and that practicing good sleep habits now, while your child is young, is setting them up for success in their future. Thanks for visiting and I hope I can help you too!



Sweet Sleep is pleased to offer a variety of service packages to suit your family's needs. These packages are tailored to your baby, toddler or child's age and sleeping environment, as each phase of their development poses unique challenges. If you're not sure which one is right for your family don't hesitate to get in touch! I'll do what I can to accommodate you and your child's needs.  



5 Common Myths About Babies Sleep


As a new parent you are bound to here a lot of family, friends and strangers tell you all sorts of "facts" on how to raise you child and get them to sleep. This article will shed some light of some of the myths you will hear.

The four month Sleep Regression

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Why does Baby Wake?

01/19 - 01/23

The many reasons why your baby is waking in throughout the night and way to prevent this.


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