Don't see one that applies to you? Not sure where you fall? Don't sweat it! Just book a consult and we can chat about which one is right for you and your family. Please note that the Half Night, and the Sleep Education classes are the only packages that are not available in a virtual setting. For any other situation I'd be happy to help you out using Face Time, Skype or whatever method you prefer. 



With various prices depending on age and sleeping situation, this one can get a bit complicated. But if you've made the decision that your whole house will sleep, well then Sweet Sleep has your back!


Half Night

If you feel that success is much more likely if you have me on-hand during night 1 than I'm all yours! This package is available for those parent(s) who need a bit of extra re-assurance. We'll get through this together!


Sleep Ed Classes

If a solid sleep education is all you need than sign up for a sleep education class specific to your child's age and sleeping environment. Some people don't need that extra support- I'm happy to give you the knowledge you need to be successful!

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Cory Biederman

Petawawa, ON